I should have put my finger in my mouth to match.

Paul Seiler

…is going to refrain from speaking in the third person, starting … now.

Hiya! I’m a destination wedding photographer based out of North Carolina’s state capital, Raleigh. I’ve been working as such since 2013. I’m kind of a nerd (OK … I’m a lot of a nerd). My approach to wedding photography is centered around fleeting moments of candid emotion. On the wedding day, I am most often operating in a photojournalistic style, more stepped back, as to not interfere with raw moments that naturally unfold.

Becky (wifey) & Sophia Grace (padawan learner).

When it’s time for group or portrait photos, that’s when I’ll step in and take a little more control, helping those who still need answers to the great questions of old like “What do I do with my hands?”

This approach to capturing candid emotion in graceful images was nicely summed up by an editor at The Knot—

“… he’s more than just an award-winning Wedding Photographer– he’s more like your memory concierge.”


“Many wedding photographers shy away from this kind of “connected portraiture” of their couples because it requires an authentic engagement. Those who are able to slow down and take a break from the hunt for epic locations or glorious light will find very real people right in front of the camera. All we need to do is understand who they are and allow them to be themselves. Sometimes, simple can be powerful.”

– from the Editors of Fearless Photographers


About Me

Paul Seiler Photography

Inspired Circa | 2001

Professionally Launched | 2015

Once upon a time,

someone in my family bought me my first 35mm camera. I was completely overjoyed that I could replace the film and turn the focus ring, just liked I’d seen professionals do.

It was made entirely of plastic.

For some reason, my parents kept paying to develop rolls of film produced from that beloved plastic camera. I learned to make the film last because sometimes it would be months before I could have another roll developed. This taught me to be patient with a photograph as well as to always be prepared for when the perfect moment presented itself. Once I had a decent collection, I started taking my favorite photos in a small album to school where I’d show my friends.

By my senior year of high school, I was the staff newspaper and yearbook photographer (and yearbook editor).

Being a teenager right outside of Dallas, Texas, I had also become obsessed with skateboarding and started making skate videos with my friends by using my parent’s old VHS-C camcorder. After high school I moved to North Carolina where I attended UNC School of the Arts in Winston Salem, studying Filmmaking. I quickly became distracted by a love for music and ended up leaving that school to play guitar on tour with a pop-punk band. For better or worse, that band of brothers separated ways and I went on to study computer technologies. I still had a love for art and photography so once I purchased my first Digital SLR, I started taking pictures of friends’ bands. Eventually, some friends asked me to shoot and make their wedding video. I ended up not only taking video on their wedding day but also a lot of pictures. It was wonderful!

I immediately knew I wanted to be a Wedding Photographer, helping couples remember their special day’s moments, forever.

Hi, my name is Paul Seiler, I’m now happily a professional photographer.

When I’m not wearing the hat of ‘weekend warrior’ / wedding photographer, I’m wearing the much more grandiose hat of a father to my newborn baby girl, Sophia Grace Seiler.

Cue: Proud Daddy Photo

My wife (Becky) and I are pretty obsessed with Sophia’s cuteness.

Before I became a full-time wedding photographer— I spent many years in the IT industry doing loads of fun stuff like:

» Building and maintaining corporate datacenter networks.
» Relocating server infrastructure through commercial office migrations.
» Migrating companies from on-premise to cloud infrastructures.
» Deploying Google Cloud, G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Azure, and VMWare based virtual environments.
» and working with creative ad agencies to drive efficiency in their workflows through core IT services.

I loved my job. I still love doing (most of) that stuff. I love helping local businesses take full advantage of today’s modern technologies, in a vCTO type role.

Now I get to be a work-from-home dad, bring all of that experience with me, and take this Photography passion further than ever.



While I do primarily advertise as a Wedding Photographer, I am also tenured in other avenues. I have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of folks, from modeling gigs and professional headshot sessions to local artists and Raleigh’s very own Comic-Con.

My Portfolio Consists Of:

Engagement & Bridal Portraits
Maternity & Newborn Portraits
Family & Personal Portraits

(sometimes– in that order)



“I do have are a very particular set of skillsskills I have acquired over a very long career.”

Wedding Day Experience
Low-Light Skills
Natural Light Preferred
Weddings Worked In The Rain
Still Love Playing Guitar
My Jokes Aren’t That Funny



“We’re going on an adventure!”

I love having fun with photos! I’m always looking for ways to incorporate my client’s personality, humor, and personal connection with their partner into photos. I’m here for YOU, to tell YOUR story. If you think you’re awkward or weird, we’re probably going to get along splendidly.

Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer


“There’s no mountain too high, no river too low, to keep me from gettin’ to you …”

All Wedding Packages

Include travel up to 200 miles each way, or 400 miles round-trip, from zip code: 27610. This often extends into areas just outside that reach like: Asheville, Boone, Charleston, SC and Washington, D.C. areas at no additional cost.

All Stand-Alone Portrait Sessions

Include travel up to 70 miles each way, or 140 miles round-trip, from zip code: 27610. These sessions also include up to two locations within 10 miles from each other.

Are You Outside Of  This Included Range?

Have no fear! Sometimes circumstances arise that allow me to stretch this travel limit at no extra cost. If you live in .. say .. California however, let’s chat! I love to travel and that love does even include adventures to other countries. My passport loves getting stamped almost as much as I love airplanes.



I have a few galleries around the interwebs. Here are a few links to other profiles of mine. I’m constantly updating multiple sites to keep my most recent work up-to-date for the world to see. Although this site is typically my first-stop for updates, these are also often updated.



Business Hours:
While photography availability for portrait sessions and weddings will often begin before the sun rises and continue long after the sun sets, normal business hours for initial meetings, phone calls, and video chats are:

7 AM – 10 PM; any day of the week.

Direct Contact:
paul@paulseiler.net | Email
(559)WED-PHOTO | Office Phone [559-933-7468]


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